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4 hills tournament

I’m a fan of the Four Hills Tournament, because …


Buffy Ettmayer

…. I had the chance to be on top of the ski jump and look down on the graveyard. This is when I realized: There are hardly any braver sportsmen in this world (Buffy Ettmayer) 

Lothar Matthäus

… it is the Champions League of the ski jumpers. (Lothar Matthäus)

Uwe Seeler

… now I know what Reinhard Mey means when he sings „Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein…..“ (English: Above the clouds freedom must be boundless…“) (Uwe Seeler)



As usual there are speculations before the beginning of the tournament.

Who will win the opening contest?

In what shape are the jumpers?

Who will take home the overall win?

There are quite a few favourites – no liability assumed of course! Surprises are commonplace at the tournament. This is one of the facts why the Four Hills Tournament will keep its many fans in suspense again this year.