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When does ticket pre-sale start


Last ski jumping season got to a very sudden end. And although the Four Hills Tournament could be hold trouble-free, also we have to take into account the current situation regarding the planning of the 69th Tour.


Due to the fact that it isn't foreseeable how this situation will develop over the next months, we can not yet set a date for the tickets pre-sale start. We'll have to await certain desicions from the FIS and the public authorities before we can go in our detailed planning for the next Four Hills Tournament. We'll keep you updated here on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram page. As soon as we have further information you'll get it.


Stay safe, see you soon!


Dawid Kubacki takes the golden eagle


With his win in the final event of the 68th 4-Hills-Tournament in Bischofshofen, Dawid Kubacki also claimed the prestigious overall title. The 29-year-old Pole celebrated the second big success of his career after winning the World Championship title in Seefeld 2019. Karl Geiger of Germany and Norway's Marius Lindvik came in second and third in Bischofshofen today.


"It was a tough day, the competition was very strong. I was working really hard to stay focused and do what I can. I'm really glad that it worked out and I just wanted to do it my way. I'm happy that I could remain calm and do my job", the happy winner Dawid Kubacki told right after his last jump of this Tour.


The surprise of this Tour was the only 21-year-old Norwegian Marius Lindvik, who came in second overall after claiming his first two World Cup wins in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Innsbruck and the third place today. "I'm not disappointed at all. It's been an amazing 4-Hills-Tournament for me. I didn't expect to be second in the overall ranking. There are so many fans at all the events that it was always nice to go back to the hotel and relax a bit", said the up-and-comer, for whom this was the first competition ever in Bischofshofen.


A new winner at the Bergisel


21-year-old Norwegian Marius Lindvik turned the Ski Jumping world upside-down with his second win three days. On Saturday, Lindvik won in an outstanding manner on the Bergisel in Innsbruck (AUT) ahead of Poland's Dawid Kubacki and Daniel Andre Tande (NOR).


The 20 000 fans saw a true Ski Jumping nail-biter on the Bergisel-hill. In the end, the new star from Norway set the second highlight in just three days with his jumps of 133 m and 120.5 m (253.3 points).


Marius Lindvik said after the competition: "I really found my shape here during the 4-Hills-Tournament and I hope I can continue this way in Bischofshofen. It's fun to look at the overall ranking now, but it's a large gap between me and Dawid Kubacki. I try not to think that much about the overall title, but the chance is there now. I've never jumped in Bischofshofen before, that will be fun."


After his two third places in the first two competitions, Dawid Kubacki finished second today. With this result, he also took the lead in the overall ranking of the 4-Hills-Tournament as the two top favorites Ryoyu Kobayashi of Japan and Karl Geiger of Germany lost many points in difficult conditions in the first round.


Kubacki now leads the overall ranking with 830.7 points, followed by Marius Lindvik (9.1 points behind) and Karl Geiger (13.3 points behind Kubacki). Theoretically, Ryoyu Kobayashi also still has a chance to claim the title in the final event on Monday, he is currently 13.7 points behind Kubacki. It will be an extremely exciting final in Bischofshofen.


Karl Geiger said: "It was a difficult competition and my jumps were also not on the highest level, which makes it tough. The second jump was better and I could make up for a few points. It just didn't go well for me here, it was not my best day. Now I'm a few points behind, but when I can show two good jumps in Bischofshofen, then I'm satisfied."



The Bergisel Qualification


Again, it's Marius Lindvik who claims the top place, but Stefan Kraft very close behind on 2nd place (farest jump of the day: 132,5m) and Karl Geiger on 3rd. An exciting qualification at the Bergisel and a foretaste of what is to come tomorrow!


We are looking forward to some very exciting K.O. Duels

1.     Antii Aalto FIN         
2.     Pius Paschke GER

3.     Johann Andre Forfang NOR         
4.     Keiichi Sato JPN

5.     Clemens Aigner AUT         
6.     Michael Hayböck AUT

7.     Killian Peier SUI         
8.     Kevin Bickner USA

9.     Daniel Andre Tande NOR         
10.     Roman Koudelka CZE

11.     Anze Lanisek SLO         
12.     Simon Ammann SUI

13.     Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes CAN         
14.     Taku Takeuchi JPN

15.     Gregor Schlierenzauer AUT         
16.     Kamil Stoch POL

17.     Cene Prevc SLO         
18.     Robert Johansson NOR

19.     Naoki Nakamura JPN         
20.     Peter Prevc SLO

21.     Stefan Huber AUT         
22.     Constantin Schmid GER

23.     Rok Justin SLO         
24.     Daiki Ito JPN

25.     Robin Pedersen NOR         
26.     Jan Hörl AUT

27.     Maciej Kot POL         
28.     Markus Eisenbichler GER

29.     Gregor Deschwanden SUI         
30.     Domen Prevc SLO

31.     Clemens Leitner AUT         
32.     Stephan Leyhe GER

33.     Sondre Ringen NOR         
34.     Piotr Zyla POL

35.     Yukiya Sato JPN         
36.     Junshiro Kobayashi JPN

37.     Dominik Peter SUI         
38.     Timi Zajc SLO

39.     Daniel Huber AUT        
40.     Dawid Kubacki POL

41.     Markus Schiffner AUT         
42.     Ryoyu Kobayashi JPN

43.     Stefan Hula POL         
44.     Philipp Aschenwald AUT

45.     Moritz Baer GER         
46.     Karl Geiger GER

47.     Filip Sakala CZE         
48.     Stefan Kraft AUT

49.     Viktor Polasek  CZE         
50.     Marius Lindvik NOR


Tickets are still available at the day's takings!


Die 68. Vierschanzetournee
There are no translations available.


In wenigen Tagen geht es wieder mit der legendären Vierschanzentournee los und die Voraussetzungen für ein spannende Wettkämpfe sind gegeben.


Neben Vorjahres Grand Slam Sieger Ryoyu Kobayashi, der nach seinem Sieg in Engelberg den Gesamtweltup knapp anführt ist ein weiterer Grand Slam Sieger, Kamil Stoch, als vierter Vorne mit dabei.


Doch auch aus Österreichischer und Deutscher Sicht kann man viel erwarten. Stefan Kraft, Tourneesieger 2014/2015, liegt auf dem zweiten Gesamtrang und auch Karl Geiger hat sich mit seinen Podestplätzen in dieser Saison als Anwärter auf den Goldenen Adler bewiesen. Zwar ist er der einzige unter den Top 5, der noch keinen Weltcupsieg in dieser Saison zu verbuchen hat, aber das wird er spätestens beim Tourneeauftakt in Oberstdorf ändern wollen!


Man darf also mit Fug und Recht gespannt sein, wer sich dieses Mal auf den vier Schanzen durchsetzen wird!


Tickets gibt es noch unter: 68. Vierschanzentournee


Sei dabei!




More than a ticket!


Your ticket for the 68th Four Hills Tournament does not only bring you to the World's best ski jumpers in the Bergisel Stadium but gives you the possibility to travel comfortable, sustainably and also for free to this event!


The ticket allows you to use the public transportation in Innsbruck for your ride to the stadium and back home and also all local train traffic in Tyrol (except IC, EC, Railjet).


Tickets: 68. Vierschanzentournee


Get more information:



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